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Graphic - Having or giving a clear & effective picture; vivid + Art - Any field using the skills or techniques of art = A clear picture, often vivid in presentation, using all matters of artful techniques to satisfy the needs of the customer.

Web Design

Design, Implementation, & Maintenance

Telephone Directories

Wikstrom Graphics 2012For many years Wikstrom Graphics has worked with Wiktel to produce its own phone directory. From layout of the yellow and white pages, to design of the covers and advertisements, we work with the customer and directly with the printer to present the best product available. In addition, since we are a local company, we also advertise within the Wikstrom Regional Directory.

Advertising Copy

Nordisk Hemslojd 2012We can work with size, color, or layout to create advertisements for a variety of outlets: newspaper (left), magazines, phone books, and more.

Logos & Symbols

Nordisk Hemslojd Logo Logos are a company's identity; they become the symbol by which the world recognizes, catagorizes, and relates to your company. When a consumer sees your logo on a t-shirt or on the shelf, what symbols it embodies, will remain with them.

Whether you are looking for iconic symbolism, or a link to your heritage (right), let us help you design a logo for your company.

Other Services Include:

Business Cards, Booklets, Brochures, Menus, Posters, Magazine & Book Covers, and Presentations